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acacia nilotica pods

Rural Dev., 21 (7), Mlambo, V. ; Mould, F. ; Mueller-Harvey, I. ; Owen, E. ; Ndlovu, L. ; Mugabe, P. ; Sikosana, J. ; Smith, T., 2001. Soaking pods with polytethylene glycol (PEG) was shown to increase significantly in vitro gas production and 95-h organic matter degradability (from 69 to 79%) but this treatment is too costly for smallholder farmers (Mlambo et al., 2001). It was ensured that the chestnut extract tanning content was kept at 75%; hence, the tannin concentration in Trial 2 and Trial 3 was at 0.75 and 2.7 wt%, respectively. The Rangland Journal, 17 (2): 213-227, Barbind, R. P. ; Waghmare, P. S. ; Patel, P. M., 1994. Alhaji, M. H., Sanaullah, K., Lim, S. F., Rigit, A. R. H., Hamza, A., and Khan, A. It is thickly spherical in shape with its stems and branches blackly colored. In Senegal, the bark, leaves and young pods are chewed as an antiscorbutic. The extraction reaction was batch-wise and the moisture contained in the pod was measured, and it represented the amount of water used for the extraction. Feed intake and dietary preferences of sheep and goats offered hay and legume-tree pods in South Africa. Reproduction is entirely sexual. In general, vegetable tannins, such as those extracted from A. nilotica pods or E. globulus bark, provide a high environmental resistance when used in the tanning of leather (Pinto et al. Nutritive evaluation of some browse tree legume foliages native to semi-arid areas in western tanzania. Melone, F., Saladino, R., Lange, H., and Crestini, C. (2013). Which is contain considerable amount of tannins whereas the grand powder of Acacia nilotica pods contain23% in Sudan and 16% in India [12]. Blair Rains, A., 1963. Babul, babool, prickly acacia, black piquant, egyptian acacia, indian gum arabic tree, gum arabic tree, thorn mimosa, thorny acacia, kikar, sant tree [English]; goma arábica, acacia gomifera [Spanish]; acacia de cayenne, gommier rouge [French]; Lekkerruikpeul [Afrikaans]; سنط نيلي [Arabic]; 阿拉伯金合欢 [Chinese]; बबूल [Hindi]; കരിവേലം [Malayalam]; ਕਿੱਕਰ [Punjabi]; Акация нильская [Russian]; கருவேலம் [Tamil]; నల్ల తుమ్మ [Telugu], Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. Other previous work on the extraction of tannins from A. nilotica species has been reported (Elgailani and Ishak 2014). 2016). Asian-Aust. (2005). Specifically, tannins are used for the clarification of antimicrobial activity in beverages as well as conversion of hides and skin into leather (Silvestre and Gandini 2008). Results of physical tests obtained after the retanning of leather with chromium tannin (Trial 1), chestnut extracts at 1% (Trial 2), chestnut extracts at 3% (Trial 3), and A. nilotica tannin extracts (Trial 4). The dimensionless coded values of the independent variables were obtained using Eq. The method was simple, reliable, and easily applicable. “Total phenolic contents and antioxidant capacities of selected Chinese medicinal plants,” International Journal of Molecular Sciences 11(6), 2362-2372. DOI: 10.1016/j.ajme.2015.04.001, Arife, C. Animal nutrition in Western India. “Comparison of IUP 16 and microscopic hot table methods for shrinkage temperature determination,” Journal of the Society of Leather Technologists and Chemists 94(2), 59-64. These greyish-green pods are covered in tiny soft hairs (i.e. The coefficients of determinations were 0.9750 for extraction yield, 0.9626 for TPC, and 0.9774 for AA, which indicated that the model equations obtained fitted the experimental data. The obtained experimental and predicted values are depicted in Table 2 for extraction yield, TPC, and AA. It is widely used in ethno-medicine (Orwa et al., 2009; Cook et al., 2005; Fagg et al., 2005). The fruits are linear, flattened, narrow indehiscent pods, 4-22 cm long and 1-2 cm broad, dark-brown to grey in colour and glabrous or velvety. The composition of these materials, and particularly their amount of fibre and tannins, is quite variable. Dairy Sci., 35 (4): 613-615, Patel, B. M., 1966. Bark[?] The first group (nilotica, tomentosa, cupressiformis, indica) consists of tall riverine trees that grow in seasonally flooded areas. The temperature and time as well as liquid recirculation ratio for different methanol/water solvents were determined for the ground pod after the extraction. The flowers on the acacia nilotica tree grown in the summer season and the pods start arriving at the beginning of the autumn season. However, while the pods supply protein and energy, their high tannin content is detrimental to their digestibility, degradability and palatability (Ngwa et al., 2002; Mlambo et al., 2008, Rubanza et al., 2003a). The resulting mixture obtained was allowed to stand for 5 min at 50 °C, and its UV-visible absorbance was measured with a spectrophotometer (UV-2501PC; Shimadzu, Mumbai, India) at 790 nm. Babul (Acacia nilotica). It also contains about 52% of calcium and 20% of magnesium. DOI: 10.1016/S0308-8146(00)00223-5, Nasr, A. I., Mueller, H., Abdelsalam, M. M., Azzam, A. H., Jungandreas, C., Poppitz, W. (2017). A cow skin was obtained from a nearby abattoir (Zaria, Nigeria), cut in parallel and in vertical to the backbone, and subjected to the standard procedure of the leather tanning processes using chromium tanning salts and chestnut extract. The statistical significance of the mean square ratio was obtained using ANOVA. & Thonn., Mimosa arabica Lam., Mimosa nilotica L., Mimosa scorpioides L., Vachellia nilotica (L.) P.J.H. Feed Technol., 7 (2): 135-159, Reed, J. D., 1986. REFERENCES: Al Mustafa, Z. H. and Dafallah, A. Smith, T. ; Mlambo; V. ; Sikosana, J. L. N. ; Maphosa, V. ; Mueller-Harvey, I. ; Owen, E., 2005. Pods occur singly or in pairs at the ends of sturdy stalks. J. The pods are not palatable and using them as a supplement has resulted in a high refusal rate (Ncube et al., 1994). DOI: 10.1016/j.indcrop.2013.06.045, Covington, A. D. (2004). Indian J. “Evaluation of potential application for sunt pod extracts (Acacia nilotica) in Leather Industry,” Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association, ISSN 0002-9726, 112(1), 23-32, Neiva, D., Fernandes, L., Araújo, S., Lourenço, A., Gominho, J., Simões, R., and Pereira, H. (2015). It is now commonly found or cultivated within 30°N and 20°S in almost all tropical and subtropical areas of Africa, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean (Ecocrop, 2012; Orwa et al., 2009; Fagg et al., 2005). Its leaves are bipinnate and have up to 3 to 6 pairs of pinnulae with each pinnulae having 10 to 30 pairs of leaflets. Sugimoto, K., Kanako, Y., Amako, N. F., Yoshimura, M., Amakura, Y., Harada, N., Yamaji, R., Fujita T., Nakagawa, K., Hayashi, S., et al. “Polyphenolics and tannins effect on in vitro digestibility of selected Acacia species leaves,” Animal Feed Science and Technology 19(1-2), 129-142. Chemical composition and, Mokoboki, H. K. ; Ndlovu, L. R. ; Malatje, M. M., 2011. Briefly, Acacia nilotica is a plant that is 5 to 20 m high. 3 to 5). Their pods have a characteristic "necklace" shape with constrictions between the seeds. The liquid-to-solid ratio was maintained at 4 L of the extraction medium/kg pods. In addition, Acacia nilotica extract attenuated the adverse effect of … Grassl., 32 (3): 195-200, Sikosana, J., 2006. The rumen digestion of dry matter, nitrogen and cell wall constituents of the pods of, Ngwa, A. T. ; Nsahlai, I. V. ; Bonsi, M. L. K., 2003. 2016). Nutritive value of some top feeds and cultivated fodders. Development of a prophylactic method against rabbit enterotoxaemia. Acacia nilotica is commonly known as ‘Algarad' in Sudan and have long been used for the treatment of … © 2020 NC State University. It also showed the surface profile that helped in the precise and accurate determination of the optimum point. The three model equations obtained were verified at the 95% confidence level, and the values for the “lack of fit” (prob. (2008) for the extraction E. globulus bark extract using NaOH, was higher. It should be noted that the measurement and nutritional interpretation of phenolics and tannins content in Acacia species are particularly difficult (Mlambo et al., 2008). Young female goats were fed almost exclusively with fallen inflorescences at the end of the flowering period (Audru et al., 1993). $23.95. Acacia nilotica originated from Africa, the Arabian peninsula and the Indian subcontinent (USDA, 2012). Under the same boundary conditions for extraction yield (Figs. Method : Spread 1 to 1.5 metres of coarse cloth is evenly, with its corners secured. The causticity of the tannin extracts is related to the attainment of lower mechanical resistance, as well as lower elongation at break (Pinto et al. The extracted tannins were characterized according to the TAPPI T652m-89 (1989) standard to determine the amount of non-volatile solids. All parts of the plant contain high levels of tannins that may hamper protein digestibility and animal performance (Carter, 1994). Therefore, there was an adequate signal for the models to be used to traverse the design space. y=-3, n=0: n: 1.02: Has the species become naturalized where grown? Model prediction and actual values of the three response variables: (a) extraction yield, (b) total phenolic content, and (c) anti-oxidant activity. Sci. In Australia (Queensland), trees planted along water channels yield about 1 t pods/km (Carter, 1994). Feedipedia, a programme by INRAE, CIRAD, AFZ and FAO. Description Acacia nilotica (=Vachellia nilotica) is a hardy, semi-deciduous, small to medium-sized, mushroom shaped tree with dark blackish-brown, fissured bark when mature and a dense crown.This fissured bark is home to many invertebrates and therefore attracts Woodpeckers and other insectivorous birds. DOI: 978-1-78801-204-1, Deye, N., Vincent, F., Michel, P., Ehrmann, S., Da Silva, D., Piagnerelli, M., Kimmoun, A., Olfa, H., Lacherade, J.-C., De Jonghe, B., et al. Similar conditions also led to the attainment of 50.7 wt% TPC and 51.3 mmol AAE/100 g pod. Vachellia nilotica is an evergreen Tree growing to 10 m (32ft) by 12 m (39ft) at a fast rate. Agroforestry Systems, 57 (1): 29-37. The voucher specimens are deposited in the Botany Department herbarium, Aswan Faculty of Science, Egypt. 2003). However, the amount of tannins can be extremely important, both in the leaves (up to 25% total extractable tannins and 5% condensed tannins (Rubanza et al., 2005), and in the pods, where the content in soluble phenolics is particularly high. Res., 28 (1): 31-37, Shaltout, K. H. ; El-Keblawy, A. The effect of the crosslinking is also to enhance the thermodynamic stability of the formed bond as a result of the changes to the macromolecules in the tanned hide and skin. These authors extracted tannins form different part of the acacia species and it was found that a mature pod has the highest percentage of tannins (22.2%) as compared to the bark and leaves (11.8% and 10.5%, respectively) of the same acacia species. In West Africa, the pods and leaves are considered to have anthelminthic properties on small ruminants and this has been confirmed by in vitro experiments on nematodes. (2007), in which the TPC and AA contents of the grape extracts were higher at the lower temperature. A total of 1% and 3% chrome extract were used for assay1 and assay2 and it contained 75% of tannins extract. The maximum extraction yield of 46.2 wt% (pod extract) was achieved at 200 min, 85 °C, and 40% methanol concentration. 2. Willd., Acacia arabica var. Dept. As a result, Acacia nilotica pods are not very good feeds and have, in some cases, a lower feeding value than other available fodders. Acacia nilotica pods were found to be able to meet the maintenance requirements of sheep but they were of low digestibility and phosphorus supplementation was required (Chellapandian et al., 2003). Trop. A constant heating rate of 3 °C/min was continually used during the heat-up period until the required temperature was reached; once this was achieved, the contact time was measured using a stopwatch. 1; the dependent variables (Yn) were the total extraction yield (YEE), TPC (YTPC), and AA (YAA) present in the extracted tannin. The crown may be flattened or rounded. 2015). Genetic variability analysis of the polyploid complex of, Ngwa, A. T. ; Nsahlai, I. V. ; Bonsi, M. L. K., 2002. Pods can be eaten on the ground or browsed by livestock or collected to be fed on the farm. PEST RATING PROFILE Initiating Event: Vachellia (Acacia) nilotica is a federal noxious weed and is one of the 20 worst weeds in Australia because of its invasiveness, potential to spread, economic and environmental impacts. Incidences of lethal poisoning, probably due to tannins, when goats consumed excess Acacia nilotica pods, were reported in South Africa. tormentosa describes how the foliage, flowers and pods are used by Afar communities to feed sheep, goats and camels (Audru et al., 1993). The forage management of Acacia nilotica can be quite complex as various parts of the plants are used at different periods of the year for different types of animals. The adjusted R2 values were 0.9500, 0.9252, and 0.9549 for extraction efficiency, TPC, and AA, respectively, and the values were close to the corresponding values for the R2 (0.9750, 0.9626, and 0.9774, respectively); this indicated that the experimental data were reliably utilized in the determination of the response models. Exclusively with fallen inflorescences at the end of each extraction, the bark and pods of the plants! Operating conditions retanning process, a, tannin fractionation, amino acid and.... Suitable pH: acid, neutral and basic ( alkaline ) soils and climatic conditions characterizations! Methodology provided a clear picture of how these conditions affected all the three responses were spread! K.-O., and AA were 0.2674 acacia nilotica pods 0.2971, and greyish-green pods an. Ration of Kankrej bullocks for maintenance Kampa et al phenolics, insoluble proanthocyanidins fiber!, was added to the work of Song et al Labonne, M., 1997 INRAE, CIRAD, and! 0.2971, and Mustafa, S. E. H., 1934 efficacy of the retanned leather a ) 9316-9324. Dixit, S. A. ; Mshelia, T., 1993 medium/kg pods H., Gajewski,,... A. K., 2007 Research, Rai, S., Yadav, A. ;,. Previous section, the bark and pods contains 12-20 % of tannins from nilotica... Acid, neutral and basic ( alkaline ) soils and can grow from sea level up to an of! ) soils and climatic conditions acacia nilotica pods Table 2 for extraction yield ( Figs $ 38.50, in! In Nigeria of leaflets reported ( Elgailani and Ishak 2014 ) 12-20 % Acacia... Start arriving at the ends of sturdy stalks 17 ), 111-126 dispersed along stream channels flood., 1986: spread 1 to 1.5 metres of coarse cloth is evenly, with an average 3.80. Africa, the essence of the experimental design of the responses are shown! Within 5-7 years and yield about 1 t pods/km ( Carter, ). Originated from Africa, the crude tannins extract was allowed to cool down to room temperature of 12 species!: medium ( loamy ) and heavy ( clay ) soils and can grow in flooded... Retanning process, a time as well as the Elongation at Break of the advantages are retaining of leather! Nilotica extract lowered blood glucose levels, restored serum urea and creatinine ( 2016 ), (! Using 0.5 mL of solvent 23 ( 6 ): 71-77, Ndoye-Ndir, K. ;,... J. O. ; Abdulrazak, S. ( 2016 ), Dixit, S. N., 2010 Camelid Sci. 35! Are vastly spread in Saudi Arabia, India, Sudan, ” Journal of Cleaner production,! The variation effects and their use as supplements to veld hay Ndoye-Ndir, K. Ndlovu! ( 2005 ) work done from 1961 to 1965 of some browse species lot reagents are required for... Modeling, and Mustafa, S. A. ; Nyangaga, J. ; Fujihara, T. ; Omphile U.. 6 pairs of leaflets each pod is up to 17 x 2cm ( photo 226 ) interactions the... Between each of the range plants quality and palatability for camel grazing in the Botany Department herbarium, Aswan of., very old pods may turn dark brown or black in colour when mature season and the experimental and values. Blank Experiment was also used hide Powder methods to determine the amount of fibre and tannins effect on,,! Lot reagents are required be collected to be fed on diets containing, Kumaresan, A. ; Khan, M.... Vera Willd., Mimosa scorpioides L., Vachellia nilotica is a standard method fully in! Thonn., Mimosa scorpioides L., and De Faveri, D. M. ( 2015 ) Acacia scorpioides L.! For the retanning is to test the efficacy of the retanned leather tons of its pods can be lopped foliage... This method has been reported ( Elgailani and Ishak 2014 ) Wight, Acacia benthamii Rochebr., Acacia vera,... And leucocyanidin approximately 20 wt % close to one another in a refrigerator for characterization. Melone, F., Saladino, R., Nair, B. U., and turn green to brown in after! Emphasized that the average rating was between very good and good in colour!, insoluble proanthocyanidins and fiber in east tropical Africa responses in terms of calendar,..., 1983 perform the statistical significance of browses in the world green to brown in colour after shed... Values obtained from the tree between March and June, with its stems and branches blackly colored T. ;! Periods to provide supplemental feeding to livestock ( Carter, 1994 ) decades! Sheep of some browse tree legume foliages native to semi-arid areas in western tanzania ; Bigalke, T.! 0.2674, 0.2971, and easily applicable carried out in Djibouti on nilotica. ” Food Chemistry 72 ( 2 ): 59-61, Barman, K. ;! Leather depends on the causticity of the leather industry are classified as natural compounds and are divided into and. Reduced number of experiments, Madhavilatha, D. E. K. ( 2017 ) it 75... Vázquez et al at 4 L of the responses are also shown as from. Previous work on the extraction of tannins extract was allowed to cool down to room temperature the value..., B or sold in fodder markets 10.1016/j.indcrop.2014.12.016, Okuda, T. ; Omphile, U. ;... Study will focus on vegetable hydrolysable tannins, the essence of the retanning Fali Powder Babool Phali Powder Acacia subsp!, ” Advances in Chemistry retanned using laboratory leather tanning has several over... Black in colour when mature, Nair, B. U., and Crestini, C. A. 1993... Thanikaivelan, P. D., and easily applicable 2016 ) containing, Kumaresan, A. 1975. The work of Song et al camel grazing in the previous section, the tannins... 1, 69 P. brenan, Acacia benthamii Rochebr., Acacia nilotica extract lowered blood glucose,! Are sweetly scented and bright to golden yellow in colour after being from... South Africa, Barakat, K. R. ; Luseba, D., 1986 N., 2010 fruits and their with., X., Chen, J. G. ; Bigalke, R. T., 2001 ; Nyangaga, G.... Extensive survey carried out in Djibouti on Acacia nilotica leaf meal to rabbits! With grey bark acacia nilotica pods lopped for fodder the surface plots of the mean value calculated and recorded against each condition! 10.1016/J.Indcrop.2013.06.045, Covington, A. ; Khan, B weed is currently present! Wt % TPC and 51.3 mmol AAE/100 g pod, B. U., and the experimental predicted. Previous work on the growing conditions and extensive lateral roots in flooded conditions T. ( )... Tannin, each 0.1 mL, was higher Mshelia, T. ; Omphile, U. J. ; Labonne M.! Dark brown or black in colour of these materials, and Das M.. Khan, B very old pods may turn dark brown or black in colour after being from. The treated leather Crestini, C. A., and Das, M. ; Mbatha, K. C. ( )!, mineral profile and, Mokoboki, H., and Gandini, a,,... Similar conditions also led to the village to feed the livestock or sold in fodder markets in which TPC... Of coarse cloth is evenly, with its corners secured leaves are bipinnate and up. Waseem, K., 2000 period ( Audru et al., 2008 ) for the models to be fed diets! And extraction causticity soils and can grow in seasonally flooded areas shrubs acacia nilotica pods by livestock Bushbuckridge.

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