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infrared heaters vs electric heaters

However, a radiant heaterworks in a completely different way to help you save power. He served as a managing editor, covering green (sustainability) projects at colleges and universities, wrote specialized business-to-business newsletters, Google- and Bing-topping SEO (search-engine-optimized) Web content and communications materials for numerous organizations, both for-profit and non-profit. Infrared heater efficiency stands apart from the alternative heating options and they are safe and affordable. Natural gas-powered and electric-powered infrared heaters can be attached to existing utilities. 5. Instead of heating the air directly, like a conventional gas heater, infrared heaters emanate heat and heat objects instead, like the sofa, the walls and even you. There are some major differences between each type of heater. Generally, for a decent model with thermostatic controls, you can expect costs to be in the $100 to $200 range. The elements are made of nickel and chromium. Electric heaters use a resistance-based heating element to produce heat. Conventional heaters … Many people confuse the two terms for being completely different types, but infrared and radiant heaters are the same. Depending on what you are looking for in portable heaters, deciding between ceramic heaters or electric heaters is usually an individual choice. For some electric heaters, the elements are ribbons or wiry coils of the material. Conventional systems cycle on and off to fill the air with heat, as warm air ascends closest to the ceiling, by the time the warmth drops down to you, the system needs to turn back on. Let’s talk about your options and how infrared heaters win. The Blumfeldt infrared heater has three different heat settings and is simple to install, while the Burda infrared heater has a low glare lamp and is designed with your safety in mind. This means that not only do you need a home that is well insulated, but you can also benefit from the use of an infrared heater. Many electric heaters are plugged into a wall outlet. Cost-effective. So even if they're gas-powered, they still need electricity to operate a fan. Another big advantage that radiant heaters have is keeping the humidity levels low in your space. They take time to heat the space and give more constant heat. For others, the heating element is thicker and the ribbon is sealed in ceramic. An infrared heater radiates heat to specific items or object. And as an added bonus, you can move it around from room to room. When it comes to heating a small space, quartz infrared heaters are efficient as compared to the ceramic heaters. Since there is no expensive plumbing or need for extensions from the existing heating system, an electric infrared heater can be plugged in and be ready to warm in seconds. Infrared heaters heat objects inline with their heating elements while convection or radiant heaters like … Infrared heat is the same type of heat we get from the sun. Electric heaters and infrared heaters are both great for heating a space such as a room or a patio. So, we can say that a 500-watt power infrared heater can produce the same level of heat and comfort as a 1200-watt electric fireplace. Infrared heaters can be powered by different power sources, including electricity, propane and natural gas. This replaces the traditional coil that electric heaters use. But rather than resorting to wearing your puffer coat indoors, understanding what space heater is best will allow you to pick the best one for your situation and may even cut back on your monthly expenses. Lifesmart 3 Element Quartz Electric Infrared Portable Fireplace Heaters (Pair) Or maybe you work in an…. Electric heat is powered by electricity. Portable Garage Heaters . These heating elements are similar to those found in an electric oven. There are many ways to heat your home or an open space. In addition to the low draw, many infrared heaters have copper positive temperature coefficient (PTC). Contact our team of experts with any questions you may have about infrared heaters. This replaces the traditional coil that electric heaters use. Propane-powered infrared heaters can use the same tanks that power propane grills. Then that heat is released through the objects to ensure a gradual spread of heat across the room. 1-800-707-8725 | info@airnmore.com. With an infrared heater you will enjoy the benefit of natural sunlight. No one wants to deal with frozen pipes or exuberant oil prices to fill that oil tank, that is far from optimal. To combat this, some infrared heaters use fans to help disperse the heat they radiate. For outdoor spaces that lack proper ventilation required for natural gas or propane heaters, an electric outdoor heat is an exceptional choice. Lifesmart Traditional Infrared Quartz Medium Size Electric Room Heater with Remote (2) Model# YH-17-11 $ 82 77. The radiation that these types of heaters use warms objects directly without heating the air around it, making it an incredible effective outdoor heating product. 1kW electric convection heater vs 0.4kW infrared heater The website contends that over the winter period using the above context the consumer would have spent £90 using a convection heater and £30 using an infrared heater, that’s a 67% saving!! Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. It's the same principle that makes incandescent light bulbs work. Its infrared rays will heat everything on its straight line, even a wall in front of you. Plus, they are easy to install and don’t require the use of a professional, which saves time and money. As a result, infrared heaters work best in open areas free of obstructions. Benefits of Infrared Heaters as an Alternate Heat Source, Important Energy Saving Tips for Landlords and Property Managers, Delivery fees and cost of gas, propane and/or oil, Maintenance costs of furnace/boilers due to constant use, Dust build up, air purification systems and replacement of filters, No need to install piping or hook into existing system, Energy efficient draw which in turn means low energy bills, Instant heat is cost less than conventional heat. The energy consumption depends on the rating of the infrared element, and that is … Types of Electric Garage Heaters. Summary of Electric Heaters vs Infrared Heaters. Both infrared and radiant heaters work by sending out infrared radiation. Most heaters use about120 volts and1,500 watts high/1,000 low. Gas-powered infrared heaters burn gas to produce infrared light and heat. An electric fireplace warms the entire room. This makes them more portable than regular electric heaters and a popular choice for patios in the winter. While the convection heater is based on airflow (keeping the hot air inside the room), the infrared heater allows you to leave the window open even on cold days. While electric garage heaters all basically function the same way, electric heaters fall into three main types: fan-forced, infrared (radiant), and ceramic. ! The word “radiant” indicates that the heat is generated with radiation, whereas “infrared” just specifies which kind of radiation is used. Infrared Heaters are available in a wide range of sizes from smaller personal propane heaters or infrared electric heaters or like the Dr Heater line, to those like the Mr. Heater line designed for larger spaces. Many electric heaters are plug-ins, and some are connected directly to a home's fuse box. Gas-powered infrared heaters burn gas to produce infrared light and heat. It also features a dial control for controlling temperature and a timer in case you forget to turn it off. And when the storage heater’s gone, the dead space it once occupied can be used to much greater effect, perhaps accommodating a bookshelf or an armchair. What it means is that a thermostat could be set slightly lower and the occupants will still feel a nice level of warmth, therefore there are energy savings here. Lifesmart LifePro 4 Element 1500-Watt Electric Infrared Portable Heaters (Pair) Model# 2 x LS-1001HH $ 182 56. According to experts, Infrared heaters work more efficiently than other conventional heating machines or mechanisms. More savings: Ceramic heaters are best suited for small or large rooms because this variety consumes the least amount of power among all types of electric heaters but has a very high efficiency. Electric Patio Heaters. Infrared heat is the same type of heat we get from the sun. Many of these heating options are costly to set up, require regular servicing, have additional costs to run the system and are not energy efficient. Infrared heaters are simple to use and are very safe when compared to other types of heat. Along with the expenses and responsibilities…, We believe the best infrared heaters can be found here at Better Living with Air & More! https://patioheaterexpert.com/efficient-patio-heaters-electric-vs-propane It's harder for the infrared radiation to reach you when the element can't be seen. They double as a dehumidifier. This means that of the energy put in the heater, most of it is Infrared heaters provide several advantages for your wallet, your productivity, and the planet. Space heaters … Infrared heaters may be used as a primary heat source, especially in … They do not create dust or soot which makes for clean air and a healthier space. According to The Green Age, An infrared heater is 40% more efficient than a conventional electric heater. Additionally, power cords are heavy and can be pulled out of a wall socket when someone trips over one. We look forward to being your vender of choice when purchasing your electric infrared heater. When you’re sitting at home, wrapped under 40 blankets in efforts to keep the electric bill down, knowing the difference between types of heaters is probably the least of your concerns. PTC is a new heating technology that uses a copper heating element to efficiently penetrate heat. However, though both heaters cost the same, infrared heaters consume larger amounts of electrical energy to convert it into heat. From electric heaters for garages to energy efficient space heaters, experts share tips on the best space heaters — and some good options to consider. PTC has a feature that prevents the heater from exceeding a certain temperature, therefore overheating protection is not required. Large gathering will not enjoy the heat at the same time if you have an infrared heater. They also cost substantially less over the course of time than gas heaters. In addition to the low draw, many infrared heaters have copper positive temperature coefficient (PTC). Other electric heaters are battery powered. It doesn’t heat the whole room. Infrared heaters can and should run all the time. Here at AirNMore we offer a line of high-quality electric heaters. Infrared heaters have the potential to be much more efficient than electric heaters because of the physical way they heat the space around them. Winner: Infrared heater. You can see examples of the various options available here. Having a fast, reliable and inexpensive heating source is sought after. This gradually heats the room’s objects and you. Both electric patio heaters and propane patio heaters will let you use your patio, deck or garden long into cool summer nights, and extend your outdoor living season up to the first frost. Chris Meehan is an experienced writer and editor with more than nine years of professional experience. Infrared heaters and radiant heaters are the exact same thing. © Copyright 2020 – Better Living with Air & More A portable infrared heater allows for the most affordable option to heat your space. Infrared heaters actually radiate light below the visible spectrum. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Google Products: Coleman ProCat PerfectTemp Catalytic Heater, Drexel University: Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Household Appliances and Power Tools. With infrared heating, the heater warms objects and people just as the sun does on a warm summer day. Many infrared and electric heaters aren't suitable for heating a whole house. We offer a…, Are you the type that’s always cold no matter how high the heat is? Each type of patio heater has advantages and disadvantages, which are outlined below. Most heaters use about120 volts and1,500 watts high/1,000 low. There you have it, the ultimate comparison between an infrared heater vs an electric … Because of this, they keep your home mold free. Coming in from the blustery cold to a warm home is ideal for these long winter days. Turning on an electric infrared heater for an efficient heating option is! These heating units use infrared, short-wave technology. Like the sun's rays, infrared heat warms only objects in its direct path and cannot work around obstacles. The rays from the sun that are below the visible spectrum hit us and the earth and warm us. Since most electric heaters are plugged in, their range is limited by the length of the power cord or extension cords used. Infrared heaters heat surfaces and objects around them they provide quick heat to surfaces near them. Being a Property Manager or Landlord comes with a lot of responsibility and expenses. Electric outdoor heaters are exceptional at keeping your outdoor areas warm during the fall. Electric infrared heaters are by and large the most efficient patio heaters as they convert over 94% of the energy consumed into heat and produce up to 90% less Co2 emissions than their gas counterparts. Electric infrared heaters can range from $50 or less for small portable desktop units to more than $1,000 for decorative fireplace look-alike units. This type of heater is so unique, because it is a lot different than traditional air heaters. Radiant or Infrared Heaters. The rays from the sun that are below the visible spectrum hit us and the earth and warm us. There are factors, though, that can help you determine which heater type best suits your needs. An incandescent bulb's element is an electric heater. Radiant Heaters (or infrared Heaters) In my opinion, the best infrared patio heaters are the Blumfeldt infrared heater and the Burda infrared heater. Infrared heaters with thermostats allow you to set up the right heating parameters so you can leave them on indefinitely. This means as electricity passes through the element, the element puts up a certain amount of resistance, producing heat. PTC is a new heating technology that uses a copper heating element to efficiently penetrate heat. In contrast, oil filled heaters heat the air around them. The top benefits of infrared heaters include: Comfort: Since infrared heaters don’t use fans, they offer a more comfortable warmth, rather than a dry heat. There is a buying guide available to look closer at your options when purchasing the right heater for your space. Their output has been estimated to be 86% which is higher than what other machines offer. Infrared Heaters Work Instantly Most heaters work through convection, gradually heating the surrounding air and letting it circulate until it's premeated the entire room, but infrared heaters emit a precise beam of heat that warms you directly by throwing out a steady stream of heat particles. Only then a panel does an infrared panel heater work to the highest efficiency, however, as infrared heating has gown in popularity more and more electric heaters call themselves “infrared heaters”, even they have an output rate of infrared which is below 25%. You can see examples of the various options available here. They are as follows: Factor 1 – Cost Other types of heaters including convection heaters work by heating the air and require a lot of energy to work effectively. According to Dr. Infrared Heater, it produces 60% more heat than other 1,500-watt infrared heaters available on the market, thus making it one of the best infrared heaters on the market. Now it is possible to have a warm and cozy house duri… Infrared heaters work best when they're in direct view. Outdoor electric heaters use infrared, these heaters can be low glare or no glare meaning that some give off a little orange glow and others produce no light at all. With infrared, since the heaters heat solid objects (including the occupants) directly, the temperature of the air is achieved from this rather than from directly heating the air. If you’re looking for quiet, clean, energy-efficient heat then the answer is YES. This winter you can be reassured knowing that your infrared heater will heat your space where it is needed most, and quickly! Now is the time to purchase your infrared heating system to ensure that your home is prepped for winter efficiently and effectively. Infrared heaters work by warming objects directly adjacent to them. The sun heats the park bench, slide and you! They provide heat quickly but do so in a straight line from heating element to object. Electric infrared heaters use a quartz incandescent tube to produce infrared light and heat. In comparison with an ugly and cumbersome electric storage heater for example, the sleek, discreet Infrared heating panel will take up no room at all. Heating your home efficiently is always a concern, because it can help to save energy and also save you money on heating costs. Those using sealed elements take a little longer to warm up. Electric infrared heaters use a quartz incandescent tube to produce infrared light and heat. The major difference is in the way they heat the surrounding space. Quartz infrared heaters use as much power as electric heaters with resistive elements.

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